A WWII Saga of Grunts, Grit, and Brotherhood

Angels Against the Sun is paratrooper-turned-historian James M. Fenelon’s chronicle of the 11th Airborne Division—nicknamed ‘The Angels’— whose Pacific campaigns were defined by two merciless foes: the Imperial Japanese Army and the combined forces of monsoons, swamps, insects, mud, privation and disease. Fenelon’s book gives readers a boots-on-the ground, narrative-driven account of American airborne troops on the road to Tokyo.


The Untold Story of World War II’s Largest Airborne Invasion and The Final Push into Nazi Germany

One of the most authentic, viscerally exciting accounts ever of an airborne invasion, Four Hours of Fury is paratrooper-turned-historian James M. Fenelon’s spellbinding narration of Operation VARSITY—WWII’s largest single-day airdrop—which, over the space of four hours, dropped more than 17,000 Allied airborne troops across the Rhine River into the heart of Nazi Germany.


Four Hours of Fury

This short video provides an overview of Fenelon’s first book, Four Hours of Fury, and the epic events that took place on March 24, 1945.

“Deeply impactful…Perhaps the hardest thing a writer can do is bring the visceral experience of war to life using nothing but ink and paper. Fortunately, this narrative’s core is nothing if not dramatic. On the morning of March 24, 1945, seventeen-thousand paratroopers got dropped into Nazi territory—and the enemy was expecting them. As you experience this four-hour descent into chaos, you’ll feel like your own boots are hitting the ground.”
–A.J. Baime, author of The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World

“Four Hours of Fury depicts as few books ever have the complex levels of planning that are a precursor to a major invasion…Above all, [it] showcases the speed, noise, and permanence of horrifying, front-line combat. In the end, the reader is left with this: the perfect plan rarely works; it is for each other that men fight; and facing annihilation releases emotions that never entirely disappear.”
–Robert O’Neill, former SEAL Team operator and author of The Operator

“This gripping and well-written book by first-time author James Fenelon tells the story of Operation Varsity, the last major airborne operation of World War II…Fenelon provides both the American and German perspectives of the fight, deftly weaving operational history with vivid personal accounts of the paratroopers who so bravely floated down to earth, where the hell of war greeted them.”
–Robert M. Edsel, author of The Monuments Men

James M. Fenelon

Fenelon served in the military for over a decade and is a graduate of the US Army’s Airborne, Jumpmaster and Pathfinder schools. He is a regular contributor to World War II magazine and has been previously published in FlyPast, Britain’s largest selling aviation magazine, as well as ARMY and Military Quarterly.